Reading/Panel at Nicola’s Books 5/7/12 / New Free Short Story to Newsletter Subscribers

Just to remind the locals following this blog, I’ll be doing my first ever public reading from Brutal Light at Nicola’s Books in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on Monday 5/7 at 7 p.m (tomorrow). Also there doing readings that night will be Jim C. Hines, author of the popular Princess Novels fantasy series from DAW Books, Bethany Grenier, author of Sings with Stars, and Emmy Jackson, author of Empty Cradle: The Untimely Death of Corey Sanderson. Come on out and enjoy the multiple readings, signings, and lively discussion from four Michigan authors!

In other news, ever since I started up this newsletter, my horror short story The Body in Motion has been the free gift for subscribing. It’s about time it gets swapped out for something else… and that something is a dark fantasy story called Never Seen by Waking Eyes. In it, a woman with a connection to a strange power source is kidnapped, held hostage to obtain a certain rare book, and Nick Havelock must rescue her. Or must he?

If that sounds rather familiar, it should. Never Seen by Waking Eyes was a story I wrote about 8-9 years ago for an anthology that never saw publication, and became the seed for my dark fantasy novel Brutal Light. It was kind of fun for me to revisit the story and see what parts made it into the novel more-or-less intact (aside from being rewritten from first person to third), and what parts turned out to be very different. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it as well. Of course, the only way that’ll happen is if you subscribe (or if you’re already a subscriber)…

Gary W. Olson is the author of the dark fantasy novel Brutal Light and several previously published and forthcoming short stories. He can be found via his website, his blog A Taste of Strange, as @gwox on Twitter, and in many other far-flung places on the Internet.

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