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Hope everyone’s having a great holiday season so far. I am, thanks for asking, but I’ve also been busy busy busy. I’ve been keeping the site updated with links to all the various places where Brutal Light is available (a list that, in addition to the U.S., now includes Canada, the U.K., and Japan). I’ve been plying reviewers with requests. I’ve even been holding off on chugging eggnog and scaring passerby with my caroling.

So, to keep you distracted, and to keep me from posting a video of my rendition of Jingle Bell Rock, here are some links for you to partake:

Lincoln Crisler is still seeking people willing to chip in (via Kickstarter) to send him to his hometown for a book tour. There’s lots of good stuff that you get at various donation levels, including books (already published and upcoming) by Lincoln Crisler and Tim Marquitz. You get your money’s worth no matter what level you pledge at!

Bryan Thomas Schmidt came up with this list of 16 Holiday Themed Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories, some by big names, some by new (to me) names, all free online. Ho ho ho!

If that doesn’t get you into the holiday spirit, here’s a YouTube video that might… I Saw Mommy Kissing Yog-Sothoth. If holiday shopping hasn’t already driven you insane…

And here’s another Mythos-oriented parody song: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Fishmen. Happy holidays from Innsmouth!

One more? Okay, here’s Chewbacca singing Silent Night. Yes. I am ready for some eggnog now.

Gary W. Olson is the author of the dark fantasy novel Brutal Light and several previously published and forthcoming short stories. He can be found via his website, his blog A Taste of Strange, as @gwox on Twitter, and in many other far-flung places on the Internet.

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