Now with less ‘e’

Because I apparently can’t be spread too thin on the internuts, I am now on Tumblr. I’ve located one person who I know uses Tumblr, but as Tumblr’s search options are confounding and limited, I know not who else of you out there makes use of it. So please consider this an invitation to follow me there, if you’ve got a Tumblr account.

30 Days of Writing #13: Favorite Culture to Write?

13) What’s your favorite culture to write, fictional or not?

I think what is meant by this poorly worded question is ‘what is your favorite culture to have your characters interact with, or relate to, or somesuch.’ To which I answer… um. I don’t think I have one, per se, and I’m not going to make one up to answer the question. I’ve enjoyed spoofing aspects of ‘superhero culture’ and ‘fan culture’ in Superguy and SfStory. I’ve enjoyed having characters discover hidden cultures based on mythic beings in stories like Fabulous Beasts. But… favorite culture? I just don’t have an answer for that one right now.