Like a bad penny [writing]

WritingAnd so goes by another year and a month…

I’m determined to post here more often. At least enough to flush entries from previous years and… er… decades off the front page of this here blog. Thus, I am typing this now. Hello!


It has been an eventful year since the previous post (August 2022). I’ve stopped and started on the novel rather a lot, amidst moving from one city to another and other assorted interruptive events. The novel not being, for the record, Redscale: Severance (though I may revisit and retool what I did get done with that one someday), and not (yet) the collection of short fiction I had in the works.

What it is, is Tropic of Madness, a comic mad science thriller set on a South Seas island home to all manner of weird and ill-considered experimentation. I’m up to 68.8k in verbage on my first-ish draft, and it looks like it’ll end up in the 120k range by the end, though a vigorous editing will likely claw it back to the 100k range. I’m letting my freak flag fly with this one, and am really looking forward to unleashing it on anyone standing still long enough to read it. Though I don’t know when that will be yet, so you’ve got a good head start.

In other news, I went back to the previous post and removed the AI-generated artwork that once graced that entry. It was a fun novelty when it first came along, but I soured on it on learning about all the stolen bits that went into it. I do promise that any art that turns up here in the future will either be by my hand, or purchased/licensed for use here (as is this blog’s title bar art).

It’s good to be back. Again. And again. And again. And…


Gary W. Olson is the author of the dark fantasy novel Brutal Light and a contributor to the dark fiction anthologies Fairly Wicked Tales and The C.A.M. Charity Anthology: Horror and Science Fiction #1. His blog originates here.

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