Busy times, folks! I’m gearing up for the December 1st release of Brutal Light, getting essays and interview answers prepped for the virtual book tour I’ve got planned, and also adding some bells and whistles to this here website. So you know what that means… clamato!

Er, links, rather. I meant links.

I’ve set up a Google+ Author Page for myself–it’s much like my Facebook Author Page, save that it doesn’t care if you like it. (It would, however, like to be plus-oned, and also scritched behind its ears.)

Lincoln Crisler, has been plotting a return to his hometown for a book tour, and has set up a Kickstarter page to fund the trip. Contribute and get some great books in return!

Here’s a link of interest to writers: Maximizing Digital Book Sales. There’s apparently more involved than just logging on and typing ‘supersize it!’

Here’s a link of interest to would-be vampires: Is It Safe to Drink Blood?. (Spoiler alert: no.)

Interested in taking an unusual getaway? Learn here how to journey to the center of the Earth.

Lastly, here are some cartoons that illustrate why (Human) Sex is Boring. I hate having to clean mucus off the ceiling…

Gary W. Olson is the author of the dark fantasy novel Brutal Light and several previously published and forthcoming short stories. He can be found via his website, his blog A Taste of Strange, as @gwox on Twitter, and in many other far-flung places on the Intertubes. He lives under your bed.

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