30 Days of Writing #5: Youngest and Oldest Characters?

5) By age, who is your youngest character? Oldest? How about “youngest” and “oldest” in terms of when you created them?

My youngest character would have to be Luca Blackwood, the seven-year-old protagonist of Onyx Fire, the children’s book I co-wrote with my wife (which is also In Search Of… a publisher). It was an interesting experience writing her, as I’m not ordinarily disposed to write pre-adolescent characters–partially because most of my works are aimed at a more mature audience, partially because it’s hard for me to orient my brain toward such a perspective.

My oldest character, as near as I can estimate from a brief survey of my memory, would be Cyane, the siren antagonist of my as-yet-unpublished short story Fabulous Beasts. She hails back to Greece of mythological times. A bit easier for me to work with; that is to say, her age was not her most challenging aspect.

In terms of creation date, my ‘oldest’ character of consequence is likely Rad, protagonist of a self-titled series set in the Superguy shared-universe humorous superheroic fiction list. I essentially lifted a persona and character I created for a Villians and Vigilantes game and ran with it… and somehow, it worked.

‘Youngest’ in terms of creation date would be a character from what I’m working on right now; as such character is still in flux, I’d rather not talk about him too much–save to note that he’s a right bastard. Right bastards are always fun to write.

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