Gary W. Olson’s Bibliography


Brutal Light. Published by Caliburn Press. December, 2011. Second edition published by Gary W. Olson. August, 2017.
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Short Fiction

“The Path of Needles” in The C.A.M. Charity Anthology: Horror & Science Fiction #1. Published by Mathias Publishing. June, 2017.

“Sweetheart, the Dream is Not Ended” in Fairly Wicked Tales. Published by Angelic Knight Press. August, 2014. Reissued by Ragnarok Publications. April, 2015.

“Fabulous Beasts”. December, 2013.

“Goldilocks Zone” in Fading Light: An Anthology of the Monstrous. Published by Angelic Knight Press. September, 2012.

“Something You Should Know”. January, 2012.

“The Body in Motion”. Outer Darkness. Summer, 2001.

“Glass Nails”. Outer Darkness. Spring, 1999.

“Electricity in the Rain”. Mythic Heroes. September-December, 1996.

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