Busy times, folks! I’m gearing up for the December 1st release of Brutal Light, getting essays and interview answers prepped for the virtual book tour I’ve got planned, and also adding some bells and whistles to this here website. So you know what that means… clamato!

Er, links, rather. I meant links.

I’ve set up a Google+ Author Page for myself–it’s much like my Facebook Author Page, save that it doesn’t care if you like it. (It would, however, like to be plus-oned, and also scritched behind its ears.)

Lincoln Crisler, has been plotting a return to his hometown for a book tour, and has set up a Kickstarter page to fund the trip. Contribute and get some great books in return!

Here’s a link of interest to writers: Maximizing Digital Book Sales. There’s apparently more involved than just logging on and typing ‘supersize it!’

Here’s a link of interest to would-be vampires: Is It Safe to Drink Blood?. (Spoiler alert: no.)

Interested in taking an unusual getaway? Learn here how to journey to the center of the Earth.

Lastly, here are some cartoons that illustrate why (Human) Sex is Boring. I hate having to clean mucus off the ceiling…

Gary W. Olson is the author of the dark fantasy novel Brutal Light and several previously published and forthcoming short stories. He can be found via his website, his blog A Taste of Strange, as @gwox on Twitter, and in many other far-flung places on the Intertubes. He lives under your bed.

Friday Bag o’ Links

So. Just 34 days to go until my debut novel, Brutal Light is unleahed upon an unsuspecting humanity–in both old-timey ‘paper’ format and a variety of shiny e-book formats for your convenience. (Actually, the ‘paper’ format will be available around mid-December, not straight up on 12/1/11 — but it will be still dripping with convenience.) I am hip-deep in assembling a virtual book tour and writing out fascinating essay-shaped and interview-shaped nuggets for it, which doesn’t leave much time for writing anything time-consuming today. Which means it’s time for… links! [Stock footage: people running in terror from giant locusts, an outhouse exploding, old ladies clapping.]

Here are some very true words on the virtues of patience and persistence if you’re lookiing to get published: What Do I Wish I’d Known… Or You’re Kidding, Right?.

Here’s Su Halfwerk on how she learned to stop worrying and love writing for multiple genres.

I was wondering when they’d take my homebuilding concerns into account: Architecture Contest Calls for Zombie-Proof Home Designs.

From the department of I See No Way In Which This Can Be Turned Into An Orwellian Nightmare: Real-life Inception: Army Looks to ‘Counteract Nightmares’ With Digital Dreams.

Surely there is a short story in here somewhere: Vampire Moths Discovered in Siberia.

And finally, for those of you brave enough to wade into the gonzo end of the conspiracy pool, I present this site, which is loaded with gobs of articles on the agenda of the interdimensional Reptilians who secretly control Earth. Whenever I’m worried that I’ve lost my marbles, I go here to reassure myself that, comparatively, I am a marble hoarder.

monday link-o-ramage

If you’re looking for something wolfy to read, you’re in luck… it’s Release Day for Naomi Clark’s Dark Hunt!

From the Department of Oh Great Now You Tell Me… The 5 laws of making a story complicated without creating an ungodly mess.

If you like pulp science fiction art from Ye Olden Days, check this out… The Frank R. Paul Gallery – an archive of classic illustrations for Amazing Stories, Air Wonder Stories, and other magazines by Frank R. Paul.

Speaking of Ye Olden Days, get yourself some Free Audio SF – download and enjoy podcasts and classic radio serials (including my personal favorite, Planet Man).

Brutal Light pre-release trailer 2.0, Free Short Story, and Food for Thought

Here’s what I’m calling the ‘2.0’ version of the ‘pre-release’ of my book trailer for Brutal Light. ‘Pre-release’ because it contains an enticement for signing up for my e-mail newsletter that expires on 12/1; ‘2.0’ because I’ve incorporated Dawne Dominique‘s great cover art.

(Edit 12/1/2011 — I’ve replaced this with the ‘final’ trailer version, which no longer contains the newsletter enticement.)

The ‘enticement’ is that I will be drawing from the list of those signed up for the newsletter by 12/1 for the following: 1 person will win a signed trade paperback copy of my book Brutal Light, plus an electronic copy in PDF format. 2 second place finishers will get electronic copies in PDF format.

Additionally, anyone who subscribes to the newsletter will get a download link for a PDF copy of The Body in Motion, one of my early ‘science fiction horror’ short stories (revised and hopefully improved). I do caution in the link that it is violent and bloody, and contains mature subject matter (though not presented in excessively graphic form). The only thing I really remember about its genesis was that it was written in the weird, fiery state I was in for maybe a day after reading Harlan Ellison’s Deathbird Stories for the first time, and that the first draft was done in a day, which virtually never happens with me.

And if you don’t like it… hey, that’s okay. Just stay subscribed, as I’ll be making other stories (and other kinds of stories) the ‘free’ enticement in its place as the months and years roll on.

One other note, on another topic: I’ve made it so you no longer need to be registered to this website in order to comment on blog entries. Just enter your name (real or pseudonymous) in the top bar (and the bar below it), then your comment, then the CAPTCHA. At this point, I’d rather make it easier for the casual visitor to drop in and say something, and just take the increased risk of being spammed.

One still another note: while browsing through the site of Bryan Thomas Schmidt, whom I befriended (in the old, pre-Facebook sense of the term) at ConClave, I found the second half of a dialogue between him and another author (Anthony Cardno, whom I have not yet met) that resonated with me. I’ll link to the first half of the dialogue, on Anthony’s site. I encourage everyone reading this to go there, think on what they are saying and how it reflects on your own life and conduct… it’s certainly given me much to reflect on as far as my own is concerned.

Two Writers in Dialogue: A Conservative Evangelical and a Gay Liberal