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So. The basics. I’m an early-fifties, tall-looming, book-reading, cat-serving, Michigan-living, cheese-eating, beard-lacking data engineer (my day job) and writer of fantasy, science fiction, and horror.

My first novel, Brutal Light, originally published on December 1, 2011, was brought back into print in August, 2017. I have seen stories published in anthologies such as Fading Light: An Anthology of the Monstrous, Fairly Wicked Tales, and The C.A.M. Anthology: Horror & Science Fiction #1.



My Social Medias (Primary Stuff):

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My Social Medias (Stuff I rarely check):


Counter.Social — Counter.Social

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Hive Social (user: gwox) — Hive Social
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LinkedIn — LinkedIn

Are.na — Are.na

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Amazon US — Amazon.com (U.S.)

Amazon Canada — Amazon.com (Canada)

Amazon UK — Amazon.com (U.K.)

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Goodreads — Goodreads

LibraryThing — LibraryThing

BookBub — BookBub



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